Looks like the Magic have lost out on 'Sheed

‘Sheed To Boston, Bass Has a $25 Million Deal On The Table?

The Orlando Magic have lost out on what seemed to be their biggest free agent target of the offseason. Just a day after losing F Hedo Turkoglu to Toronto, it appears that the Magic will lose out on Wallace. Not signing ‘Sheed wouldn’t be that bad if he wasn’t going to Boston, a team that the Magic will more than likely have to beat in order to return to the NBA Finals The Boston Globe is reporting that he will receive the mid level exception over the next two years.

“Once (Wallace) had a chance to reflect on everything, and realizing what his objectives are, he just decided this was the best fit for him, all the way around,” said Bill Strickland, Wallace’s agent.
Wallace is expected to receive a two-year deal using the mid-level exception (expected to be about $5.6 million to $5.8 million).

With Wallace off of the market, the Magic are expected to turn to their probable second choice – PF Brandon Bass. According to The Charlotte Observer, Bass has a $25 million deal on the table and it’s not from the expected Bobcats.

The Charlotte Observer has reported that free agent forward Brandon Bass might have a five-year, $25 million offer on the table.

The Observer’s Rick Bonnell contacted agent Tony Dutt on Saturday, and while the Bobcats are interested in Bass, they aren’t believed to be the club that offered the $25 million deal.

This kind of deal would probably be either four or five years in length. Could the Magic have offered this deal? Magic General Manager Otis has stayed out of the news when making any kind of deals so far in his career, but this seems like a little too much money and too many years to dish out for such an unproven player. Bass’ agent, Tony Dutt, could just be trying to drive Orlando’s price up since the Magic and Bass seem very interested in each other. David Lee, Glen “Big Baby” Davis and Paul Millsap could be other options as well.

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  • http://facebook michael gato

    the magic are done because lee,alston, gortat,and turgolu are gone all they have is vince whos probably going to get injured and they have dwight and reshard thats all they have now there not a 3 point shooting team without those guys

  • http://facebook michael gato

    skip all magic fans they all are fagets

  • Justin

    Michael Gato you are a complete idiot if you really think this.

    Vince shot the 3 better than Hedo last year.

    Lee was a bench player who was known for penetration & fast breaks FAR more than his ability to shoot the 3.

    Alston is a streaky shooter at best, and his career numbers are atrocious from behind the arc.

    Gortat…obviously no need to mention his 3 point shooting.

    Every one of those players outside of Turk would have been coming off the bench for Orlando next season. So at the very worst, our depth has been impacted…but our 3pt shooting? Are you really as stupid as you seem? First of all, Carter hasn’t been badly injured in 4-5 years….and as for team 3pt shooting….

    Nelson – 38% Career 3pt shooter, over 40% last year
    Carter – 37% Career 3pt shooter, 38% last year
    Lewis – 39% Career 3pt shooter, 39% last year

    Even off the Bench we still have
    Ryan Anderson – 36% 3pt Shooting PF
    JJ Reddick – 38% 3pt shooter

    We aren’t finished making moves yet obviously with only 8 players signed to the roster, though I think we will be looking for qualities other than 3pt shooting due to the fact we still are going into the season with one of the top statistical 3pt shooting teams in the entire league.

    Im guessing you had to of dropped out of school…you don’t even know how to spell fagot. I think my 8 year old cousin can spell that sad attempt at an insult properly.

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