Vince Carter: Tracy McGrady Wants To Return To Orlando


T-Mac, too (

McGrady has expressed an interest in returning home to Orlando to once again play for the Magic. Vince Carter helped to confirm this claim.

Vince Carter told the Sentinel after the Magic’s game on Wednesday night that he’s communicated with his shirttail cousin, Tracy McGrady, and that T-Mac wants another tour of duty with Orlando. “He’s already told me that,” Carter said. Carter said he hopes to hook up with McGrady before the New York Knicks play in Orlando on Friday night.

I’m sure we’ll learn more about these comments when McGrady and the Knicks face the Magic Friday night.

Brian Schmitz has this story here.

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  • kendall1

    Take him please!!!! We (Knicks) did’nt want him in the first place. Orlando would be doing us a big favor by taking him.

  • beau geste torralba

    though i loved tmac before when he was still with the magic, i doubt that he would be able to contribute with the way the magic play now. he might just disrupt the chemistry.