Orlando Magic News & Notes: All About Dwight Howard

Alex Kennedy of Hoops World touches on the topic of Dwight Howard and Otis Smith:

Dwight Howard hasn’t talked to Otis Smith in weeks, but he’s communicating directly with ownership about making changes. Do the math.

Ken Berger of CBS Sports reported Shaq’s thoughts on Dwight Howard:

On Dwight Howard’s recent comment about wanting to make his own path, Shaq said, “I hope he lives up to those words and stays (in Orlando).”

Jarrod Rudolph of Real GM address the rumors surrounding the Magic:

At a glance, it really doesn’t make sense for the Sixers. In fact, it’s nuts when you look at the per year dollar amount of Turkoglu’s contract. But if you look at it a little further you’ll see that the Sixers stand to save around $22 million in the long run, maybe more depending on the new CBA, if they make deal that moves the length of Iguodala’s contract.

It actually could work, which gives the rumor a little life.

The Magic will also be keeping a close eye on the Blazers and Brandon Roy.

It’s not known what Portland’s plans for Roy are at this point, but if they make him available sources say the Magic will be ready to pounce provided he’s healthy. Roy’s performance against Dallas has convinced many that Roy is closer to being healthy than he is to retirement. If that’s true and Roy can play at a level comparable to his All-Star form, the Magic will be interested.

In case you haven’t noticed, Gilbert Arenas is back on twitter:

He said he has created his brand-new Twitter account, @agentzeroshow, to entertain and to make people laugh. Therefore, he explained, people shouldn’t take what he tweets seriously.

“It’s just supposed to be entertainment,” Arenas told the Orlando Sentinel in an interview Thursday. “For example, if Denzel Washington does a movie and he plays a bad guy in a movie, he’s entertaining you for those two hours you’re paying for him. When he’s done, he is not that bad officer anymore. He’s back to being Denzel Washington

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  • tom

    hmmmm trade for iguadala? Sounds mighty familiar to my trade machine comment a few weeks ago!

  • tom

    I’m TOTALLY okay with this… BIG perimter defender and slasher. Defense wins championships. While his shooting percentage may not be where VC’s was, his driving ability and defense (imo) are superior. Drive and dish, or run the pick and roll w/ howard. I mean if Turk can run it so can Iggy..

    On the Brandon Roy note… man he was impressive against Dallas, but I am mighty apprehensive with those knees. Just sayin.

  • http://howardthedunk.com Andrew Melnick

    yeah, it does look like the trade you proposed.

    It’d be great tom but I’m not sure how realistic it is.

  • tom

    i agree… unless of course the sixers are trying to shed $$ long term which i obviously couldn’t comment on

  • http://howardthedunk.com Andrew Melnick

    That’s the hope.