Orlando Magic News & Notes: Penny On Going Overseas, Pat Williams, T-Mac

Former Magic guard Anfernee “Penny” Hardaway doesn’t think it’s a good idea for players to head overseas:

Q: What’s your take on all these guys talking about going overseas? Is that a good look?

A: It’s definitely not a good look. It’s not a good look because it means you’re not caring about what’s going on over here, you’re just gonna go and make money. But hey, that’s the way it works. Every guy has a right to do whatever they want to do and would just say good luck to those guys who are gonna go do that.

OrlandoMagic.com gives you a sneak peak into Pat Williams’ book, “Making Magic”

“Yea but where would you put the franchise?” I asked. “Tampa or Miami?”

They stiffened and gasped as if I’d just spilled a pitcher of Kool-Aid down their skivvies. Jimmy, behind the wheel, and John, in the back seat, caught one another’s eyes in the rear-view mirror. They blinked in disbelief.

“Neither place. Here. The future of Florida is here,” they blurted, almost in unison.

“You really believe that?” I challenged.

“Without question, Bubba.”

Tracy McGrady discussed his time in Orlando and took another shot at former general manager John Weisbrod:

McGrady though still has no love lost for Weisbrod, even if he still seems to have a desire to make things right with the Magic.

A fan recently asked McGrady on Twitter if he had any regret leaving Orlando. McGrady responded: “I wish they had a GM with an NBA pedigree like Otis [Smith] when I was there/left.”

Weisbrod’s hockey background definitely continues to come under fire. He just did not have the basketball sense to mesh with a more quiet and laid-back player like McGrady (his leadership style probably was not what Orlando needed in 2004 when the team named him captain and put a “C” on his jersey). Whatever Weisbrod envisioned for the Magic just never panned out. The Steve Francis trade ended horribly too.

Bill Ingram of Hoops World discusses trading Dwight Howard:

Let’s consider something else, as well. Chris Paul is a very good friend of Dwight’s and the two would love to play together. Paul’s commitment is to the City of New Orleans, and if the Hornets leave town he is likely to feel much less committed to the franchise. He, too, is a free agent next summer, and could decide to start over somewhere else as the Hornets look to do the same. The Nets have very little salary committed two seasons from now and could easily trade for Dwight and then sign Chris Paul, particularly if the two negotiated together and took less to play with each other, as Dwyane Wade, LeBron James and Chris Bosh did with the Miami HEAT last summer. They could even add a third star of their own to the mix.


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