Players, Owners Break Talks, No New Meetings Scheduled

Here’s a rundown of what happened Thursday via twitter:

Just to refresh everyone, Derek Fisher is the president of the NBAPA, Billy Hunter is the executive director of the NBAPA and Jeffrey Kessler is the NBAPA’s lead council.

Ken Berger of CBS Sports:

Fisher: “I want to make it clear that you guys were lied to earlier. Plain and simple.”

Holt told union that owners wouldn’t talk about the system unless players agreed to 50-50, Hunter said. “Take it or leave it,” Hunter said.

Hunter says Dan Gilbert told Hunter should “‘trust him.’ And I said, ‘Why should I trust you?”

Hunter: “We don’t know where we would go if we don’t have the discussion. … We’ve made concession after concession after concession.”

Kessler: “We went in there trying to negotiate. And they came in there and said, ‘Either you accept 50-50, or we’re done.'”

Marc J. Spears of Yahoo:

Hunter: “Philosophically, it’s a real large gap between the groups.” He added NBA wants pre-condition of 50-50 BRI to meet again.

Hunter: “As time goes on they’re going to have to cancel more games.”

Hunter: “It’s all about (the owners) putting money in their pocket.”

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo:

Hunter: “We’ve made concession after concession….We were prepared to take a set back and help them to become whole.”

Hunter: “Adam is not being truthful if he says he came in hopeful. There’s no way they came in thinking that would fly…”

Union attorney Jeff Kessler: “Something happened in that Board of Governors meeting. Yesterday we thought we were moving toward a deal…”

For all the momentum that had taken shape, the trust in these labor talks has been obliterated. Never been worse between the sides. Never.

As you can tell, things are very bad right now. I’ve always figured at some point something would happen. Whether that meant the season would be reduced or the schedule would be changed, no one was sure of. Now, it’s time to start worrying about losing an entire season.

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