2014 NBA Draft: Who Should Go First—Andrew Wiggins or Jabari Parker?—Presto Guest Post

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By Andre Herring of LAB Nation (@italklab)

Every NBA team fortunate enough to get that top overall pick is looking for the next NBA superstar.  Teams want the player whose ability is so great that they will someday be in the pantheon of the greatest NBA players of all time.  Hall of Famers are rare, and  there doesn’t seem to be such any such players in the upcoming 2013 NBA draft…

But 2014 will be quite different, to say the very least.

The lottery-bound usuals are looking forward to the summer of 2014, where two intriguing prospects will no doubt be the focus of everyone’s attention.

Those two players are Andrew Wiggins of Canada and Duke five-star recruit Jabari Parker. Most experts will tell you one of these two players will be taken number overall. The only question is:  “Who goes first?”

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