The Curious Case of Chicago Bulls Guard Nate Robinson

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There a few schools of thought about Nate Robinson, and sometimes determining who is right can be very difficult. Robinson has been one of those guys we’ve never been able to accurately project: Should he start? Is he sixth man material? Or is he really just random third-string fodder as he’s been for Tom Thibodeau’s Chicago Bulls?

Is he just this guy who scores 20 points in 15 minutes and receives a Subway sub of the game mention, or is this a talent which can ultimately be a top-15 NBA point guard, more than just a starter?

And it seems most agree at least that Robinson is a great bargain. Paid just $1.1 million per season, he posts a PER of 17.4 He had 36 point game which elevated the Bulls to a triple OT win over Brooklyn. He keeps doing these legendary things, and yet people are slow to credit the 5’9″ water bug with much more than a “pretty good” kind of label.

And Robinson continues to find himself with the odds stacked against him, and finds himself starting stretches of the Chicago Bulls season. Robinson wins the Eastern Conference Player of the Week, but with LeBron James doing legendary things, Robinson’s place in the annals of time becomes smudged, ignored, and possibly just flat out under appreciated.

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