2013 NBA Draft: Orlando Magic's Jacque Vaughn Will Ease Transition if Magic Opt To Draft Point Guard

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NBA point guards make the best coaches. It’s fairly accepted. They’ve served as coaches their entire careers, managing the other four players on the court with them. They initiate offenses, communicate with teammates, and they serve a crucial role on a basketball team from YMCA kids teams, to AAU, high school, college and eventually the NBA.

Jacque Vaughn was not an All-Star. In fact, he was a fringe starter whose experience as a full-time guy in Orlando was less than phenomenal. With the Magic in 2001-02, he averaged 10 points per game and five assists per night in 48 starts of 80 games played.

But Vaughn knows a lot, and the guy currently running the team on the court is aging and not a part of the team’s long-term plans. Vaughn’s purpose can’t be best served with Jameer Nelson. Nelson knows what to do. His NBA career has also more or less run its course, and he’s been a starter on a contending team.

His time may be coming to its end, and though he’ll likely play out this 2013-14 season in Central Florida, he’ll spend his final years playing for a more relevant team that can better utilize his services.

But Vaughn will remain, and he’ll be here to guide whomever the Magic decide to groom into their future 1-man. Trey Burke seems like a high prized candidate the Magic could key in on, and he’s continuing to gain more steam as a potential top-3 selection. The Magic hold the best odds for the No. 1 overall pick, but should they strike out, they can opt for Burke.

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