Orlando Magic's Andrew Nicholson Harkens The Memories of Terry "Catman" Catledge

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The Orlando Magic’s first franchise player was Shaquille O’Neal. That’s pretty indisputable.

Or maybe it depends on how franchise player is defined. When the young 1989 Orlando Magic franchise entered the Association, it was a team comprised of an amalgam of odd parts collected from the expansion draft.

Among those parts was power forward Terry Catledge.

Catledge was a rugged yet undersized 4-man who led the league in getting his shot blocked. Catman often found his lack of vertical leap and his undersized 6’8″ body at the mercy of bigger defenders. But those rejections were collected, as he went back up for second, third, fourth attempts. He got it done.

Andrew Nicholson is very reminiscent of the Catman. He’s the same size and build. He shoots a few more outside jumpers, but the challenges Terry Catledge faced as an undersized 4-man on those early Magic teams are the same ones Nicholson will face as the team rebuilds.

The Magic won 18 games in their inaugural season. The Magic won 21 this year. Catledge started at power forward, while Nicholson started 28 games this season.

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