Orlando Magic Retrospective: Player Comparisons

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The Orlando Magic have had a plethora of players come through the organization.  One favorite past time of most analysts is forming comparisons between current players and those who have played in the past.  Sticking to the talents of one team thickens the plot, but the Magic’s rotation players all fit favorably with players of the past:

PG- Jameer Nelson:  Sam Vincent

SG- Arron Afflalo:  Nick Anderson

SF- Moe Harkless:  Stacey Augmon

PF- Tobias Harris:  Dominique Wilkins

C- Nikola Vucevic:  Rony Seikaly

Andrew Nicholson:  Terry Catledge


The five starters all have favorable comparisons but they are not exact.

From position:

Nelson and Vincent are near equals.  Nelson is, of course, much smaller.  But Vincent was shoot first, and he backed up Scott Skiles in the early days.  He came from a poor Bulls team, a redundant talent that Doug Collins had little use for.  He fit nicely in ORL.

  •  Afflalo is a poor man’s Anderson.
  • Harkless and a young Augmon compare favorably.  Both are defensive stoppers who can put the ball in the hoop when called upon.
  • Harris is a stretch, but the Magic haven’t had a lot of pure scorers.  It’s a bit much to compare Harris to the likes of T-Mac, but further improvement could render him far better.  Wilkins wasn’t completely washed up by the time he reached Orlando, but the athleticism that enabled him to play the 4-spot was gone.  Carmelo Anthony is both Harris’ high upside and best NBA comparison.
  • Vucevic is an equal of Seikaly, especially so when the former Miami Heat player suited up in South Beach.  Both run/ran the court very well, and the agility on both offense and defense is similar.
  • Nicholson’s game is very reminiscent of the Cat Man’s, but Catledge was essentially an All-Star talent on a horrible team.  Nicholson is unlikely to score 20-plus points per game, as well.
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