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Wisconsin Primary Key Test for Trump, Clinton

06 April 2016
Wisconsin Primary Key Test for Trump, Clinton

"I was trying to shield the kids and move them to safety", Pamela said. She accused Texas Sen.

His path to 1,237 delegates was already precarious.

It comes just four days before the Wisconsin primary, where 42 delegates are at stake. Wisconsin awards 18 delegates to the statewide victor, and divides 24 delegates among the victor in each eight congressional districts. Ted Cruz talked jobs, freedom and national security, easily winning over a crowd of conservative state Republicans who whooped, hollered and swarmed around him for selfies and autographs.

Cruz has little chance to overtake Trump in the delegate hunt before the convention.

Wisconsin is also a confidence game.

But in making the argument for Cruz, Walker hasn't savaged Trump - or even fought back against the GOP front-runner's attacks.

In an interview Friday, to be broadcast on "Fox News Sunday", Trump left open the question of an independent candidacy when asked about it. "I want to run as a Republican", Trump said. Yet his aides are downplaying the effects of a loss there.

"We won the votes".

Cruz and Kasich both spent the day in Pennsylvania, where numerous state's delegates are unbound.

Trump's tough week came during a lull between primary contests, which meant the narrative of the campaign has, for the first time in a while, not been dominated by his apparent march to the nomination.

"I conservatively couldn't count on it for anything". He said the antipathy toward Trump among many Wisconsin voters is driven by how he distorted Walker's record during last August's Republican debate. "If he can just get beyond that and learn how to bite his tongue and redirect people to something that is important, it will show a level of statesmanship that I think will give a lot of people confidence", Carson said.

Goeas, though, sees Wisconsin as a critical stage in the race.

"Donald Trump is the only one who really understands this reality".

But the longer he uses such language, the more hardened and intense the resistance becomes.

And yet neither is safe for the Republicans if Mr. Trump is nominated.

"He has to stay with his image he has, the way he campaigns, because if he starts taking his foot off the pedal at all, he then loses enthusiasm with his third", Goeas said.

Sally had a three-month affair with then Gov. Bill Clinton in 1983 and recently conducted an interview in which she make the startling claim about Hillary, who is now seeking the Democratic nomination for president. However, if Sanders wins a big victory in Wisconsin it could slow her momentum.

Ted Cruz and former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin were also slated to appear.

A 69-year-old businessman and former reality TV show host, Trump has never held public office but hails his mastery of negotiating business deals as the sort of experience a United States president needs to be successful at home and overseas. They tell us that the person who made the statements doesn't know much about foreign policy or nuclear policy or the Korean peninsula, or the world generally.

She also took a shot at Cruz, arguing that he's soft on trade.

"If you want to find out what is happening in the Muslim community and who is being radicalized, who do you think you ask? He said "delegates are very serious people" who would get transformed from party activists to people who have to consider two things: who can win [and] who can be commander in chief".

Donald Trump has been the subject of 100s of news stories this past week on the issue of abortion.