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Cleveland police taking steps to prevent attack during Republican convention

18 July 2016

There may still be a protest from the floor of the Convention by Republicans who are angry Mr Trump is their standard bearer, but it will no longer be "contested" in any formal sense. The scene is expected to be far less calm next week.

The Republican National Convention will take place Monday, July 18 through Thursday, July 21, and organizers have unveiled a predictably provocative schedule, including sharp attacks against Hillary Clinton that involve a presentation on the sexual adventures of Bill Clinton and an evening highlighting the Benghazi attacks. Other members of a northeast OH open carry group were supposed to join him.

"We use blocking vehicles, we use concrete barriers and things like that at positions that we think may be vulnerable to attacks like that which happened in Nice", he said.

After Donald Trump's somewhat clumsy introduction of Indiana Gov. Mike Pence as his running mate, during which Trump spent most of the time talking about himself and "crooked" Hillary Clinton, Priebus said Sunday that he expects Trump to debut his presidential side during this week's convention in Cleveland.

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus, who has been a private counselor to Trump, said Trump is now pivoting slowly to the general election and the convention will help.

An issue on the minds of many is the possibility that people might openly carry firearms during protests, marches and rallies given that OH is an open-carry state.

United States political conventions, quadrennial affairs, are created to bring a party together, formally select its presidential nominee and catapult the candidate and party towards November's election.

They say if the question is decided by a voice vote of the entire convention, they don't trust the presiding officer to announce the results fairly.

"Well, of course, you have to have concerns with what's going on but I feel very confident that they're going to have it in good shape like they did here in Tampa".

Jackson, the city's mayor, however, pointed to the specifics of the law, as well as his city's experience dealing with open carry, as reason for encouraging calm.

Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams says it seems "everyone is coming" to the city to exercise their First Amendment rights.

Chris Christie, a presidential candidate who dropped out of the race and endorsed NY businessman Donald Trump, will kick off the delegation breakfast speaker circuit in Cuyahoga Falls, the suburb about 40 minutes outside of Cleveland where Michigan's Republican faithful are staying.

Former governors Tom Kean Sr. and Christie Todd Whitman have distanced themselves from Trump and have said it would be hard to support their party's nominee.

Some New Jersey Republicans are splitting the difference, attending the convention but not fully supporting Trump.

Another reason for concern is the perverted diversity of the methods attackers around the world have used in recent weeks.

Implementing the latest measures throughout the tense four-day event will be more than 3,000 Cleveland Police Department officers outfitted with state-of-the-art riot-control great, and body cameras as well as another 4,000 security officials from various government agencies, including hundreds from the Federal Bureau of Investigation who have been dispatched to ensure the safety of attendees, delegates, protesters and journalists.

Many still think it's not sufficient.

"He doesn't have natural filters", New York GOP Chairman Ed Cox said. "You're going to have friends who have known him speaking". There is only one parade route (Cleveland police).