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Clinton, Sanders supporters rally outside Portsmouth event

18 July 2016
Clinton, Sanders supporters rally outside Portsmouth event

Chuck Pascal, a Sanders delegate from Allegheny County, went one better, noting that Trump "goes against everything we have fought to achieve, and it is crucial that we unite behind Hillary Clinton to stop him". Bernie Sanders endorsed Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Accepting the endorsement of her primary rival, Clinton said she was happy to be working with someone who has energized the primary process.

"Surely, we can agree that weapons of war have no place on the streets of America", the 68-year-old Clinton said, according to EFE news agency. WSJ's Jason Bellini reports. Sanders, however, refused to concede, despite criticism from Clinton supporters arguing that a divided Democratic Party would strengthen Donald Trump's campaign.

'I can't help but reflect on how much more enjoyable this election will be now that we are on the same side, ' Clinton said of Sanders.

"You know what I like about Hillary?" said Pauline Raiche, of Brentwood.

The endorsement comes after a campaign in which Sanders has had quite a lot to be proud of.

Recent polls have shown that many Sanders voters plan to back Clinton but have reservations about her honesty.

"Just watching her speech after Bernie was done, everything she said today sounded like what Bernie was saying", Livingston said. Many are criticizing Sanders for betraying his progressive ideals.

Following the announcement, the potential future POTUS celebrated by excitedly proclaiming that she and Senator Sanders were coming together to defeat presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump.

Clinton also took time highlight her push for developing national guidelines on the use of force for law enforcement agencies across the nation as well as more rigorous training on implicit bias.

The specifics of the extent Mr. Sanders' contribution and role in the Mrs. Clinton's campaign are not fully known.

Obama has already endorsed Hillary, as has Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren who is wildly popular among Democrats.