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Man Killed in Police-Involved Shooting in East Williamsburg

18 July 2016
Man Killed in Police-Involved Shooting in East Williamsburg

A man was shot and killed by police officers in Brooklyn on Sunday morning after he allegedly fired at two NYPD officers.

Police responded to a call about a gunpoint robbery at the Cooper Park Houses on Debevoise Street near Jackson Street in East Williamsburg a little before 8 a.m.

Both robberies took place in the same courtyard where officers fired on the gunman, police said.

They say the victim's gun was recovered. The officers returned fire, striking the suspect twice, NYPD Chief Jeffrey Maddrey, the head of Patrol Borough Brooklyn North command, who spoke at a press conference at the crime scene, the News reported. The suspect was involved in two armed robberies moments before officers responded, authorities said. An investigation is ongoing.

The officer who shot the suspect was taken to Elmhurst Hospital for evaluation.

Witnesses say the man was threatening people in the area.

They were walking toward a parking lot before the encounter with the police officers, Adams said.

"[The suspect] walked away, and then I heard someone yell, 'Freeze!'" said 17-year-old Brandon Herron. I thought he was going to shoot him.

"He kept telling him 'give me your money, '" she said.

Darlene Roman, 48, said residents were glad the suspect was stopped before he killed somebody.

"He knocked him to the ground", she added. "Then it was like bang, bang, bang, bang".