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New Trump-Pence Campaign Logo Raising Eyebrows on Social Media

18 July 2016

It follows a tradition and abides by the unwritten formula for United States political campaign logos. It now shows only the candidates' last names, one atop the other with "Make America Great Again" below.

Created to represent his partnership with his new running, Mike Pence, the joint campaign image depicts the "T" from Trump and the "P" from Mike Pence interconnected with the phrase: "Trump Pence: Make America great again".

The awkwardly designed Trump/Pence logo is also nowhere to be found on the Republican National Committee's website.

As soon as it hit the web, something seemed off.

Whether the camp will release a new, less sexual logo remains to be seen.

"What the T+P are doing there is probably considered illegal in at least 14 red states", Sergio Grant wrote.

It got its very own GIF, too (viewer discretion advised). He may be forced by convention to choose a running mate to occasionally share the stage, but in this relationship, Trump is on top.

Trump just gave internet logo critics a gift this Friday: A new WASPy logo ripe for mockery. Perhaps it is fitting. But, so many jokes, so quickly after this logo's debut, it can't be good.

Of course, some people must actually like the logo (tell us in the comments or tweet us at @nprpolitics if you do!), though they must not be on Twitter today.

As previously reported, Trump, 70, called Pence, 57, Thursday to offer the governor the vice presidential slot on his ticket, which Pence accepted.