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President Obama to Hold Town Hall on Disney Networks With David Muir

17 July 2016
President Obama to Hold Town Hall on Disney Networks With David Muir

Garner's dying words, "I can't breathe", became a rallying cry for Black Lives Matter activists.

"We are ready to proceed with our administrative procedures once the USA attorney decides whether or not they are going to find a civil rights violation in the case", the city's top cop said.

"After the ABC-hosted townhall that was taped this afternoon, the President had a brief opportunity to visit with Erica Garner who was upset that she didn't get called on to ask a question".

"They promised me that if ANY questions got asked of #POTUS that mine would be asked", she added. They lied to both me and @osope to get us there. In an interview with BuzzFeed, Garner also said that she was uncomfortable with the network's decision to seat her next to the widows of Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos, two NYPD officers killed in an ambush that occurred days after the grand jury declined to indict Pantaleo in Eric Garner's death.

"Yo this town hall that presidential town hall #abc arranged is a farce". Erica, whose father died during the execution of a chokehold by a police officer in Staten Island, New York, released a video statement to the Huffington Post after walking out of the taping when ABC producers ignored her questions on air.

"People were listening to one another and I think the president came up with a lot of great solutions", she said. "I went there trying to represent THE PEOPLE..."

But with or without Garner's questions, President Obama still found that at least somne of the blame for the murders of five Dallas police officers fell on the shoulders of law enforcement itself. "I just wanted to say that respectfully, but I am sorry for your loss".

We live in a society where black women, who lie at the intersection of race and gender-based discrimination, are told to be quiet and accept their subjugation.

The president said that it is important for the officers to know the community they are protecting and he also pointed out the need to train police officers to avoid biases.

Reggie Harris, Erica Garner's political director, said ABC News reached out to Erica Garner to attend and their team wasn't immediately "enamored" with the idea, as she'd met already met with the president.