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Voters not showing much pride in Clinton, Trump

01 August 2016
Voters not showing much pride in Clinton, Trump

Tim Kaine of Virginia as her running mate last week.

Tim Kaine, is in the midst of a three-day bus tour through Pennsylvania and OH that is meant to make inroads with Republicans turned off by Trump and disaffected Democrats who could be wooed by Trump's message of economic security and cracking down on immigration.

"I've been saying let's just beat her on November 8", Trump said, "but you know what?"

During the Rust Belt swing, Clinton will detail her pledge to raise wages and to create jobs by unveiling a major infrastructure package within the first 100 days of her presidency, and encouraging companies to invest in workers. Scott Wagner, an alternate delegate to the Republican National Convention.

In the most recent Pennsylvania poll posted to RealClearPolitics before Thursday, conducted by NBC News/The Wall Street Journal, Clinton was found to hold the same 9-point advantage over Trump.

Getting African-Americans to turn out in the sort of numbers President Obama got, though, is going to be tough. "Her speech was morning in America".

(AP Photo/Andrew Harnik). Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and Democratic vice presidential candidate, Sen.

On Saturday, Clinton and Kaine will visit Johnstown Wire Technologies in Cambria county, Pennsylvania, before holding public rallies in Pittsburgh and Youngstown, Ohio. If this presidential race is like the four others thus far in the 21st century, Clinton, Kaine, Trump and Pence will become omnipresent pests, beseeching Ohioans in person, in TV ads, on the phone and by mail. "It was so exciting", she said to enthusiastic cheers.

"Look, I know people are angry or frustrated", Clinton said shortly after someone shouted at the small event.

It was a "twisted, dark tour", Kaine said of the Republican week in Cleveland.

The presidential election between Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump very well could be won or lost in bellwether OH, which hasn't guessed wrong in a presidential race since 1960.

"What part of America first leads Trump to make Trump dress shirts in Bangladesh not Ashland, Pennsylvania", said Clinton.

"I'm an optimist, and I'm confident", Clinton told the crowd of mostly unionized factory workers.

In the interview, Romney says that it is a very possibility that Trump could win the election if Clinton has some meltdown in the next few months.

A parade of military leaders, law enforcement officials and Republicans took the stage ahead of Mrs Clinton to endorse her in the general election contest.

On the hustings. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump now faces the daunting talks of widening his appeal in Democratic states.

That remains hard. Gov. John Kasich of OH, who didn't attend the convention in his home state, still hasn't endorsed him, or even spoken well of him.

Conway, who had previously headed a Ted Cruz super PAC before joining Trump's campaign, said Ivanka Trump's message resonates with a wide swath of working mothers.

Clinton surrogates including Obama can help turnout voters in cities, while Kaine and Vice President Joe Biden, a native of Scranton, Pennsylvania, may help Clinton with working-class voters, Rendell said.

Clinton, a former first lady and USA senator, promised in her speech on Thursday to make the United States a country that works for everyone if she is elected. Another campaign event was scheduled in Denver on Friday evening, culminating a frenzied week of rallies across the country seemingly meant to counterprogram the Democratic convention. "I absolutely encourage Donald Trump to spend time campaigning in Connecticut, New York and New Jersey", Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook responds sarcastically.

Trump himself asserted during a North Carolina campaign rally Monday that he - and Ivanka - are "doing well with the women".

But Clinton's campaign is looking to convince voters that while, yes, Trump would bring change to the country, it is not change anyone wants.

Clinton will counter by painting Trump as inept, incompetent and all but insane.