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Alabama doubles Kiffin's pay to $1.4M this season

10 September 2016
Alabama doubles Kiffin's pay to $1.4M this season

Alabama freshmen Blake Barnett and Jalen Hurts have continued to receive much of the first-team reps at quarterback this week, and have rotated leading the passing drills during the brief open-viewing period available to the media each day.

The Trojans had been ranked No. 17 to start the season, but the embarrassing loss to the Crimson Tide was enough to see all but six voters take USC out of the rankings completely. However, it won't be easy to keep up that level of success week to week.

In the wake of one of the best college football weekends ever, the AP Top 25 has undergone a significant amount of transformation. How each does against Western Kentucky will factor largely into that decision.

At Alabama, Kiffin was paid $680,000 in each of his first two seasons.

Alabama is riding a 14-game winning streak in its home opener, including 9-0 under Saban.

This is the key matchup in the game. Good job by Rosen in rallying the troops in the fourth quarter but some of his decisions late were very questionable. He's in the right system and knows how to throw the ball efficiently.

"He's been able to practice the whole time", Saban said. Anthony Averett leads the Crimson Tide with eight tackles, Jonathan Allen has two sacks and Marlon Humphrey has one interception.

"We gotta stop the run and get turnovers and really that's our blueprint to win every game". The key stat though, was that he found the end zone on multiple occasions. Hurts passed for two touchdowns and ran for another pair.

Alabama offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin has been given a raise for the 2016-2017 season.

Kiffin has built an explosive offense that features a powerful running game and passing threats that can spread the field.

"We're not as big as they are and probably not as strong", Holt said.

This actually should be an interesting matchup on Saturday.

"One game does not define us", Helton said. Still, this isn't Rice we're talking about here. The Hilltoppers, meanwhile, can gain national respect if they're competitive even if they don't pull off a stunning upset. "What do we need to do to get better?'"

Scoring a victory Saturday would make those numbers obsolete - and give Western Kentucky its biggest win in its history.

Saban's warned about "arrogance" getting favored teams beat by motivated underdogs in games like this.