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Keith Scott Family Releases Video of Charlotte Shooting Before Police Release Theirs

24 September 2016

Keith Scott's family has released a video of police officers fatally shooting him that was recorded by his wife, who was talking to police from a distance.

Scott's wife tells officers that he has a traumatic brain injury.

"He doesn't have a gun, he has a [traumatic brain injury], he's not going to do anything to you guys, he just took his medicine", Scott's wife pleads.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police showed their video to Scott's family Thursday evening.

"Don't shoot him. He has no weapon", Rakeyia Scott can be heard saying.

"Don't let them break the windows". It does, however, show Rakeyia's point of view of officers near Scott's auto as they demand he show his hands, and documents Rakeyia's pleas for officers to not kill her husband. Keith, Keith. Don't you do it.

In the shaky video she took, the wife is overheard yelling "Don't shoot him".

Keith Scott's daughter previously posted an hour-plus Facebook Live video onto YouTube of the aftermath of the shooting. Police have said he was armed, but witnesses say he held only a book.

Police said Scott was shot dead on Tuesday after he disregarded repeated warnings to drop a gun. Rakeyia Scott's video doesn't show a gun.

"The gun in question is a small gun, and it was not easy to see with the way the motion was happening", she said.

A crime reduction team trying to serve a warrant on someone else spotted Scott getting out of his vehicle with a gun, then getting back in as officers approached, Putney said.

Protesters have dismissed the claim by police that Scott was holding a gun when he was killed.

The video was released to NBC News by Scott's wife Rakeyia Scott.

As she runs toward the shots, she sees her husband's body, surrounded by cops. "He better live, he better live!"

Stressing that Scott was shot as he walked slowly backward with his hands by his side, Bamberg urged the police to release the police videos to the public.

At a campaign event on Wednesday, Clinton said that the police killings of Scott and Crutcher are "unbearable" and "intolerable".

It was not the first time US police was allegedly involved in covering up shootings of the black.

The attorneys of the Scott family released a statement Friday afternoon, explaining the family released the video "in the name of truth and transparency".

Governor Pat McCrory, a Republican locked in a tight re-election race, signed a law last week that would require authorities to obtain a court order before releasing police video.

"If I were to put it out indiscriminately and it doesn't give you good context, it can inflame the situation", Charlotte police chief Kerr Putney argued. Investigators said no book was found at the scene.

On the other end of the political spectrum, former New York City mayor and Trump surrogate Rudy Guliani, agreed that the video should be released for the sake of "calming the public".

The City of Charlotte said the video they have from dash cams and body cams is not going to be released, even though the city has asked them to.

"You do see something in his hand, but it's impossible to make out from the video what it is."