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Nate Parker opens about rape case in new interview

04 September 2016
Nate Parker opens about rape case in new interview

Parker's critically acclaimed film, Birth of a Nation, is set to be released on October 7 after sparking a bidding war at Sundance.

Nate Parker is getting a lot of praise for Birth of a Nation, the upcoming slave-rebellion drama he not only stars in, but wrote and directed. He and a wrestling teammate, Jean McGianni Celestin, were accused of raping an unconscious female student who had come over to their apartment.

A jury acquitted Parker in 2001. He won an appeal and the prosecutor chose not to retry the case. When I was first met with the news that this part of my past had come up, my knee-jerk reaction was selfish. Maybe I was being even arrogant.

During the panel discussion Friday, he revealed that he's not angry about the story's resurrection in the media. At one point he was asked if he has thought about his accuser and the incident at all over the last 17 years. "It's like someone pointing at you and you have a stain on your shirt and you don't even know it".

Parker also added that he's talked to his daughter, who's in college, about rape culture, consent, and being careful of her surroundings. Because then all of sudden you have something to protect. If Parker and men like him want to lead movements, we have an opportunity to remind them that change has to start with their own behavior. "I didn't know. I was acting as if I was the victim, and that's wrong".

"If I touch her breast and she's down for me to touch her breast, cool", he told Ebony. I'll ask my wife.

She alleged that he and Celestin harassed, stalked and publicly identified her after she went to police, and she sued the university for failing to protect her, settling on a reported cash payout of US$17,500. He apologized for his initial response as well as his 2014 statements about homosexuality, in which he said he would never play a gay man. Trying to convince someone that they are a racist or they have White Privilege-if it's in the air they breathe and the culture supports them, sometimes they never have to think about it at all. "I never examined it, nobody ever called me on it". You don't think about other people. It was being insensitive, and it was being homophobic. And guess what? I'm sorry. I'm growing in my understanding in my relationships with (the) LGBT (community). I can not bring this young woman who was someone else's daughter, someone's sister and someone's mother back to life.I have changed so much since nineteen.

Actor, writer and director John Schneider, known for his past role on the "Dukes of Hazzard" and current role on "The Haves and the Have Nots", thought the first flood he experienced at his Louisiana production studio was bad but says he now knows there are different levels of what's considered "bad". That's that. Seventeen years later, I'm a filmmaker.

"It seems to me that whenever there's a film of importance that centers around the history and, specifically, the mistreatment of African Americans, the film and even those behind the camera are called into question", said Morales.