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Pokemon Go Plus users can now attempt to capture Pokemon using Incense

24 September 2016
Pokemon Go Plus users can now attempt to capture Pokemon using Incense

Along with the ability to trade Pokemon, PvP battles are definitely high on most Pokemon Go player's wishlists, so hopefully they happen sooner rather than later.

Pokemon Go has just received a brand new update.

A major update for Pokemon GO has been released, and if there's anything that can be determined by the game's new features, it is that a major patch seems to be coming very soon.

According to BGR, the trading feature in the first mobile app to use augmented reality was one of the highlights during the release of the first Pokemon GO trailer two and a half months ago. Will it bring back Pokemon Go to the top of the apps that make the most money on iTunes in the US? On the right you'll see what it looks like once the app is update to version 0.39.

iTech Post reports that while the most visible feature of the latest update on "Pokemon Go" was the buddy system, others have noted a significant change in nest locations. Well, in a recent interview, Pokemon Company CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara teased player-vs. -player battles may be in the works...

The data mining website - which proudly explained that what they do is a kind of reverse engineering - revealed that the Pokemon GO trading system would include a search feature that allows players to search for other users who are participating in trading or the so-called "Trading Players".

Apart from finding the game boring already, it is said that another reason why "Pokemon GO" continues to lose its players is because of Niantic's ban on unauthorized third-party apps that help gamers locate Pokemon characters.

The 100 Pokemon to be addied will be coming from the Johto region which could mean that Niantic Labs is setting its eyes towards the Pokemon GO 2nd Gen Pokemon update. This is because the changes in the nests will not only reassign where they spawn, but also replace the Pokemon which they spawn.

Pokemon GO has been a hit since launching in July.