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Samsung appreciates loyalty but really wants Galaxy Note 7s returned

28 September 2016
Samsung appreciates loyalty but really wants Galaxy Note 7s returned

Only about 50% of the Galaxy Note 7 buyers in Korea have registered for a replacement unit so far. This is subject to a full completion of the Exchange Programme, however.

During the meeting yesterday, Samsung informed DGCA that Galaxy Note 7 manufactured till September 15 would not be sold in India in order to address battery issues.

After hearing to the Galaxy Note 7 issues this Korean based company seems it left the users complaints on Battery Issues, This Korean based company is said it is delaying the re-start of its new Galaxy Note 7 smartphones.

The numbers in Europe are slightly lower than elsewhere.

Tech giant Samsung Electronics Co Ltd said on Sunday it was delaying the start of new Galaxy Note 7 smartphone sales in South Korea by three days to October 1, a move it says is needed for speedy completion of the ongoing recall in the country.

Samsung's relaunch of its Galaxy Note 7 isn't going to plan: it has delayed resuming sales in its home market because owners aren't returning fire-prone versions of the device fast enough.

While it might be the lesser of the two evils, as an overheating battery is certainly better than a battery that explodes or catches fire.

CPSC said it had received 92 reports of the batteries overheating in the US, including 26 reports of burns and 55 reports of property damages, including fires in a auto and garage. This means that the recall process is slower than the other markets like Singapore and the United States.

Samsung claim that they are now fully confident that the problem has now been resolved with replacement devices being available with the forthcoming weeks.

Besides costing the company a lot of money, the Galaxy Note 7 issues couldn't come at a worse time - after rival Apple launched its latest iPhones.

Samsung has announced that most of its customers who bought Galaxy Note 7 smartphones are sticking with the device. After the series of blasts, Samsung has recalled its devices in the past, and many have already got the replacement for them. All Note 7s sold in store now do not have the battery issue, Samsung has said. Several airlines instituted an outright ban on the devices.