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Samsung Exploding Battery Recall: What Canadians Need To Know

15 September 2016
Samsung Exploding Battery Recall: What Canadians Need To Know

Samsung has announced that in response to cases that have recently been circulating over the Galaxy Note 7, it has conducted full investigation and found a "battery cell issue". "Consumer safety is Samsung's highest priority". "We will have a new Galaxy Note7 on the way to you as soon as possible". This means that the availability of the new Galaxy Note 7 handsets in physical retail stores in the United Kingdom would be during the last week of September.

Samsung stopped all sales of the Galaxy Note 7, so did third-party retailers and carriers from around world, except China, which had a different battery supplier. Samsung has issued a global recall of the fire-prone smartphone, so it's understandable that airlines would be hesitant to allow passengers from using them on flights.

Customers will be contacted by their provider in order to arrange the device exchange. In Australia, Samsung recalled 50,000 Galaxy Note 7's as a precautionary measure but another incident was just reported there. Hua said the accident caused 1,300 dollars worth of damage to his hotel room which Samsung offered to cover.

Following Samsung Australia's recall of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 personal electronic device we are requesting that passengers who own them do not switch on or charge them in flight.

The recall and replacement of 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7 handsets that had already shipped could cost Samsung as much as $1bn (around £750m), according to reports.

It comes at a devastating time for Samsung, as rival Apple launches its new iPhone. The manufacturer indicated that there was a 24 in one million chance that a Galaxy Note 7 handset might explode, meaning 42,000 handsets are at risk.