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Time Warner CEO Says DC Films Have Some Room for Improvement

24 September 2016
Time Warner CEO Says DC Films Have Some Room for Improvement

"[The DCEU has] a little room for improvement."

Bewkes cited the fan reception of Wonder Woman and Batman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice as signs of the positive net effect of the film, despite poor critical reception.

Bewkes admitted that there's "a little room for improvement" when it comes to Warner Bros.'s DC Comics movies, though he stressed that Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad have both been financial successes and have acheived their goal of reinvigorating classic DC characters for a new generation of moviegoers, according to Variety.

Dark the films may be but most of the complaints stemmed from the convoluted stories or the underdeveloped/underused characters in the movies. The Comic-Con trailer showcased a much lighter, more Marvel-like tone, as did the colorful Wonder Woman trailer. Nevertheless, Bewkes is standing steadfast that one of the most valuable IPs in Hollywood is - despite naysayers - right where it needs to be. "The execution did deliver what we wanted to do".

Bewkes said the studio has enlisted DC Comics entertainment president Geoff Johns and production guru Jon Berg to take a firm hand in guiding the upcoming DC releases.

That means ensuring releases such as Wonder Woman and Justice League, the next two movies in line for release, improve upon the tone set by Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad.

Bewkes went on to discuss the success Warner Bros. found with Ben Affleck as Batman.

It certainly seems that everyone involved with the DC Extended Universe is saying the right things, and taking note of audience feedback in an effort to win back any fans who were disappointed by any of the previous offerings.