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Trump defends racial profiling in wake of bombs

21 September 2016

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said Monday that the USA response to domestic terrorism is inhibited by police officers afraid they'll be accused of profiling.

"We must also use whatever lawful methods are available to obtain information from the apprehended suspect to get information before it's no longer timely", Trump said.

"Our police are unbelievable". Now other media sites are reporting that Trump is calling for "racial profiling" today, which is not what Trump said, according to "Fox and Friends" live on Tuesday morning and they showed the clip to prove it! Trump added, "You know, in Israel they profile".

He observed that "in Israel, they profile", but local police here won't do the same out of fear of being labeled racist or Islamophobic. "I'm saying we're going to profile people that maybe look suspicious, I didn't say if they were Muslims or not".

And while Trump argued on conservative media that Syrian refugees ought to punished for this latest act of violence, NY officials announced Monday that they have taken a suspect-Afghan-born, us citizen Ahman Khan Rahami-into custody after a shoot-out with police.

Ahmad Rahami, a 28-year-old naturalized US citizen from Afghanistan wanted for questioning in the bombings, was captured Monday after being wounded in a gun battle with police.

Trump's past proposals for overt discrimination against American Muslims and prospective Muslim immigrants - through racial profiling, "databases", and immigration bans - were among the most widely condemned of his campaign. Look what's going on.

"Well, we have no choice", Trump replied.

Donald Trump reacted to a series of bombing threats and attacks over the weekend with a warning on Monday that "this is only going to get worse".

Lemon played the clip of Trump citing Israel's practice of profiling.

7 Trump on Sunday declared that there had been a bomb in NY even before police had had a chance to confirm the fact.

Bottom line is that unless Trump caves into political correctness, he will have to stick to his call to profile every Muslim American.

1 Clinton scorned Trump's comments, warning that his rhetoric was only likely to drive more supporters' to the ranks of Isis. "Hillary Clinton wants to increase what he's let in, thousands and thousands and thousands, they don't know, they can't be properly vetted".

4 Trump claimed that the U.S. under the leadership of President Barack Obama, and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton "coddled" extremists.

"I have sat at that table in the Situation Room", Clinton said, adding, "I know how to do this". And we have to get everybody together and we have to lead for a change. An MSNBC host even said that we were "lucky" the attacker used explosives and not guns.

"I said as soon it as it happened that justice would be swift", the NY governor told CNN's Wolf Blitzer on the "Situation Room".