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Cam Newton speaks out about 'bullcrap' officials, doesn't feel safe

31 October 2016

It's something the National Football League needs to look into and create an actionable change; otherwise electric players such as Newton will be spending their time on the sideline or confined to a pocket.

Jonathan Stewart rushed 25 times for 95 yards and two touchdowns and caught 1-of-2 targets for 25 yards in the Panthers' Week 8 win over the Cardinals.

Newton called the hits "bullcrap", adding that he doesn't feel "safe" anymore.

"It's really taking the fun out of the game for me". If you do something derogatory to somebody else, we get fined.

Even on Sunday, against the Cardinals, the officials missed a hit below Newton's knees.

"The story of my life ever since I came in is, 'Oh, oh, well, we missed that one". But some, he says, are plays that would be flagged if he were anyone else.

"It's not my job to question the officials", Newton said. I look at how they get hit and for every hit that they get that's called, I can match a hit in my career that I didn't get called.

"When I see other guys get calls, they don't have to be no MVP".

While Newton takes a number of shots when he was on the run, the one that drew his ire Sunday was inside the pocket, and he went down awkwardly after Campbell hit him between the knee and ankle.

The league and NFL Players Association conducted investigations after Newton took several hits to the head in the season opener against the Denver Broncos, but was never removed from the game. "I'm just being honest with you". "I was trying to bite my tongue just to get through the game". That's horse crap. He could have torn my ACL.

Newton, who has not shown on-field frustration after hits this season, was asked what happened today that was the breaking point.

"Coming from a person who has been fined before, coming from a person that everybody is expecting a lot from - and I'm still growing - yet when you constantly see the hits, when you constantly see flags being picked up, when you're constantly seeing flags not being thrown, and to see other quarterbacks getting it on lesser's taking the fun out for me". "That's the breaking point".