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Poll known for accuracy finds Clinton, Trump locked in dead heat

26 October 2016
Poll known for accuracy finds Clinton, Trump locked in dead heat

Conway laid out in granular detail Trump's potential path to winning: victories in Florida, Iowa, North Carolina, Nevada and OH, to start.

At last week's debate with Clinton, Trump challenged a cornerstone of American democracy by refusing to commit to honoring the result of the USA election. "The peaceful transition of power is one of the things that makes America America".

The Sunshine State is a key prize in the presidential race, one of several battleground states that are key for both candidates if they want to win on November 8.

"We are behind. She has some advantages", Conway told NBC's "Meet the Press", adding that Clinton "has a former president, happens to be her husband, campaigning for her; the current president and first lady, vice president - all much more popular than she can hope to be".

"In light of this joint appearance, if he wants to resort to that again, we'll see how that works out for him", Fallon said. But she added the Trump campaign was looking to sway undecided voters not ready to support Clinton.

In the other, readers were exhorted to register because the "wealthy [are] buying elections", because "the system is rigged" or because "your voice is not yet being heard" - three messages focused on the role of money in politics. He has not offered evidence and numerous studies have shown that the USA election system, which is decentralised and run by the states, is sound.

Trump and Clinton already met three times onstage, the first at Hofstra University on New York's Long Island, the second at Washington University in St. Louis and a third this past Wednesday at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

With baskets of gourds, bales of hay and corn stalks behind him, Trump told the farmers, "We're winning this race".

"You've got an ace, and you've got a jack", he said, giving in to the urge to use a blackjack metaphor in Sin City.

Lopez will get loud for Clinton at a Miami concert on October 29, the day early voting begins across Florida.

"He knows that discrimination is not only wrong - guess what, it is bad for business", Clinton said of Cooper and House Bill 2, the so-called bathroom bill, that GOP Gov.

"The least probable voters include Trump supporters who feel the prospect of victory is slipping away and Republicans who are reluctantly voting for Clinton at the top of the ticket", Murray said. "I have real concerns, concerns about Trump as a person. Every woman lied when they came forward to hurt my campaign", Trump said during his speech.

Speaking in a rally in St Augustine, Florida, Trump falsely claimed that hacked emails of John Podesta showed that the Clinton campaign chair was "rigging the polls by oversampling Democrats".

An ABC News poll released on Sunday morning had Clinton leading with 50 percent of likely support, compared to Trump at 38 percent.

They concluded the S&P 500 index would rise 12 percent under a Clinton presidency than if Republican rival Donald Trump wins the election. During the final debate Trump refused to agree that he would accept the results of the election, if they were in Clinton's favor. That said, 74 percent of Republicans, and 84 percent of Trump supporters, say it's a legitimate issue.

Many Republicans fear that Trump's struggles could drag down his party's chances in competitive House and Senate elections across the nation.

"That's not quite what he's saying".

Speaking with farmers at a roundtable event Monday in Boynton Beach, Fla., Trump said, "I believe we are actually winning". He said Trump would only fight if the election were close and is not trying to dispute a fair election. "There's no question about that".

Trump's Florida swing continues Tuesday with an afternoon stop in Sanford at Million Air Orlando, then to Tallahassee later that night.