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Overwatch's winter update is now live

14 December 2016
Overwatch's winter update is now live

Players, in fact, can now download the Overwatch Holiday Event update, called Winter Wonderland.

Below you can see all of the new Overwatch Christmas skins that you can unlock in Loot Boxes. They also come with a bunch of new cosmetics that are meant to celebrate the Christmas holidays, and just like regular loot boxes, the insides are completely randomized which means that it boils down to your luck to get what you want/need.

As with previous Overwatch events, the Winter Wonderland update brings with it Loot Boxes that contain event-specific items, including profile icons, victory poses, sprays, emotes, highlight intros, and of course, character skins. Winter Wonderland is the game's first holiday-themed event, capturing all of the Santa, snow, and seasonal joy of the end-of-year holidays, and it's live right now across all platforms. Maps like "Hanamura" and the infamous "King's Row" have been updated with snow and festive lights, and there is a new brawl to keep you entertained through these cold winter nights.

In this brawl, Mei's Endothermic Blaster no longer unleashes a stream of frost or shoots icicles. For the mode, Mei's ultimate is also changed into a skill that transforms her weapon into a semi-automatic one, allowing her to shoot snowballs continuously without needing to reload. Taking down an enemy only takes one hit, but a miss can be costly. Instead, it's been modified to fire a single, super-powered snowball. While it's hard to get a good look at all the new skins from the trailer, there is already a post on Reddit with a compilation of screenshots featuring all the new skins.