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Trump Defends Foundation After Announcing He Will Dissolve Charity

28 December 2016

Trump used foundation money to make illegal campaign contributions.

In the posts, Mr. Trump says he gave "millions of dollars" to the Trump Foundation.

He said that given the conflicts of interest, he will pursue philanthropic efforts in other ways, without elaborating on how he would do so.

The businessman plans to donate the holdings of the Trump Foundation, his charity fund, and then disband it, a change first reported by the Times.

A spokesman for the Attorney General says the foundation can not legally dissolve until the investigation is complete.

Schneiderman's office has yet to close its investigation into Trump's foundation.

The foundation, however, has come under increased scrutiny and is under investigation by the New York State Attorney General's office. Both Trump and Bondi denied any wrongdoing when it came to the donation and a Trump Foundation treasurer said the donation was supposed to go to a different organization with the same name as Bondi's campaign fundraiser, according to CNN.

He added that his lawyers are going to "take the necessary steps to effectuate the dissolution".

Last week, Trump announced that he would dissolve the DJT Foundation which has been recently been embroiled in an ongoing controversy over potential conflicts of interest. Amy Spitalnik, a spokeswoman for Schneiderman, said Saturday on Twitter that the foundation "cannot legally dissolve" until the investigation concludes.

The Trump team did not respond to ABC News' requests for comment when news of The Washington Post story broke, but released a statement after the Post's story at the time, saying it was "peppered with inaccuracies and omissions".

A month ago, the Trump Foundation admitted in official documents that "it violated a legal prohibition against 'self-dealing, ' which bars nonprofit leaders from using their charity's money to help themselves, their businesses or their families".