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Will the Lions pursue their own Ezekiel Elliott in the upcoming draft?

30 December 2016
Will the Lions pursue their own Ezekiel Elliott in the upcoming draft?

In the two games since the resurrected hubbub about veteran Tony Romo's role in the Cowboys' offense, the rookie quarterback offered only robust reassurances that he's ready for his first playoff run.

At this point in the season, I am totally against the Dallas Cowboys resting players because I'm selfish. If Romo were go to down, Mark Sanchez would be next in line.

The Cowboys already secured their spot in the playoffs before taking the field against the Lions Monday, but that didn't stop them from a crushing victory that continues to keep the Lions out of the playoffs.

Yet Prescott played all 52 offensive snaps Monday. His 936 yards after contact are more than the total yards of the Lions' top three running backs combined.

Bryant commented on a third-quarter fake-out that passed the ball to Jason Witten for a stellar touchdown. Instead, Elliott turned it into a highlight with a second gear few runners possess. If you've ever thought that all players are created equal, then welcome to the end of the National Football League season.

Now, Cowboy Nation must trust the wisdom of our great owner and general manager Jerry Jones regarding player playing time in the final game of the regular season.

"We want to live up to those expectations I guess, filling those shoes you could say", Dak Prescott.

"I feel good actually", Elliott said. "Just having a confidence level in each other". Pittsburgh Steelers running back Le'Veon Bell trails Elliott by 363 yards for the rushing title.

People have been voicing the idea for quite some time that Elliott's workload should be lightened in order to keep him fresh, but the rookie claims that even though he has played more games this season than he would in a college season, he played nearly every offensive snap in a typical game at Ohio State. Theo Riddick has missed the past three games and still leads the Lions with 357 rushing yards, good for 48th in the NFL. He now has 23 touchdown passes with four interceptions and is completing 68% of his passes for 3,630 yards. Two weeks later, after the bye, the Cowboys came out flat in the divisional round, losing to the New York Giants. That win kept the Bucs mathematically in the playoff chase, though Tampa Bay needs a lot of help. And he fumbled late after his lone catch of the game. But despite appearances, Prescott is still a rookie, so there is a definite benefit for giving him more playing time and experience. Even Jones stirred the pot, as he's wont to do. This much is certain: The Lions should have clinched this thing while it was still 2016 and long-time losers were in vogue. The way Zeke has run the football this season, the Cowboy defense has enjoyed both.

"You don't understand what you just did; you have no clue yet", the veteran advised the rookie.