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One more flu-related death reported in Oklahoma

21 January 2017
One more flu-related death reported in Oklahoma

The statewide number of reported flu cases has spiked since December 31 from 4,000 to 7,407 infections as of the week ending January 7 - and the number of deaths attributed to the current flu season rose from ten to thirteen.

He urged people to stop by a pharmacy or make an appointment to get the vaccine, which takes about two weeks to start working.

That includes eight elderly people and three older adults. The death was in Riverside County.

"Influenza A seems to be the most common strain so far this season", Meg Mirivel, Public Information Officer for the Arkansas Department of Health, said.

"We rarely get someone who is not covered, but if they are it's only $25", she said.

"We just bill your insurance", Brown said. The flu virus circulating this season closely matches the vaccine, suggesting that the vaccine will provide protection against influenza and reduce the risk of severe disease. Doctors Medical Center hosted a drive-thru flu shot clinic offering free vaccines for any community member over the age of 18. "The reason we say flu-like is because you can't really tell until a person has been tested". "Getting a flu shot is the best way to prevent this serious illness, so I hope any Hoosier who hasn't received a vaccine yet will consider getting one". Even if young and healthy people aren't anxious about catching the flu, they should still get vaccinated so they don't transmit it to others, he said.

It is never too late to get your flu shot. "If more people are vaccinated again the flu, less people are going to get it". "More than 200,000 people will be hospitalized, and in an average year, more than 10,000 to 20,0000 people will die".