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Snopes Defends Planned Parenthood; We Rate Them 'Mostly False'

30 January 2017

Additionally, Snopes said they found 13 Planned Parenthood clinics in California and six in NY that offer prenatal services on their websites, proving that those women who want to keep their babies and happen to live in the Bronx have access to this type of health care.

"Within 10 minutes I had the IUD and I was protected for three years", she says.

I march for women's rights that are inclusive of reproductive justice, clean air, health care, racial equality, LGBTQ rights, gun control, environmental protection, indigenous people's rights, immigrants' rights, education reform, religious freedom, economic justice and more.

Women were already riled up after Trump's election, as evidenced by the millions of protesters who took to the streets in Washington, D.C., and around the globe in a woman-organized march that featured reproductive health as a leading theme.

"All of that created this hysteria against Planned Parenthood, and so with that they already began to not only start to defund Planned Parenthood but the Affordable Care Act as well as other civil liberties that Planned Parenthood believes in", Hernandez said. Planned Parenthood has also received hundreds of thousands of contributions since November 8, including more than 80,000 to a fund named for Vice President Mike Pence, a longtime abortion foe bent on defunding Planned Parenthood.

Further, Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards has been lying to the public about the kinds of services they provide while fear mongering about funding cuts. We can't verify if every one of the phone call recordings offered in the above-displayed video was genuine, but we can say that the claim "only 5 [Planned Parenthood] facilities out of 97" provide prenatal care is misleading at best. This also is consistent with global experience were countries who have made both contraception and abortion freely available have much lower abortion rates than in the U.S.

Gundrey said her organization believes the reproductive information provided by Planned Parenthood is unreliable, and has concerns over tax dollars going toward abortions.

These events are important to our community because I can not agree that a wait time of over two months constitutes reasonable access to birth control, nor quality care in regard to women's health.

"As a taxpayer, I don't trust that they're going to keep those monies segregated", she said. And H.B. 1099 would mandate that universities file an annual report showing that they did not engage in the trafficking of aborted human body parts for any purposes.If a report shows that a university did engage in trafficking, directly or indirectly, the general assembly would not appropriate funds for the school.

Hernandez said because of House Bill 2, women had to seek other methods for abortion.

"In Colorado, our values are we move forward for all people and that includes all people's rights to decide if and when they want to have children", Becker said.