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A roadmap to responsible health care reform

27 February 2017
A roadmap to responsible health care reform

Starting long before the Affordable Care Act, premiums and deductibles for private insurance have been rising faster than the paychecks of most workers.

The Republican-controlled Congress, backed by Trump, took the first steps toward a repeal of the ACA last month.

Numerous speakers at the Iowa City rally focused on the impact of the Medicaid expansion included in the Affordable Care Act.

But she says the goal is to put in place a system that works and one that doesn't feature the federal government telling people what type of health insurance they have to buy.

Jordan emphasized that Republicans did not tell the American people that the plan would repeal the healthcare law with certain exceptions, like keeping the Medicaid expansion. "If there's all sorts of burdens on emergency care centers again-they don't want to see a bunch of sad stories about cancer patients who can't get treatment".

"It may be too early to know whether what IN has designed will work, but other states are watching and it is likely we will see similar approaches IN the future", Lischko said.

Republican President Donald Trump has always been a vocal opponent of the ACA.

Republican lawmakers would expand health savings accounts, introduce tax credits based on age rather than income, and cap federal Medicaid payments to states, imperiling expansion of the program that serves the poor.

"Many people will be dropped from their health care".

"It is impossible to have insurance that is comprehensive, covers everything and everybody, pays hospitals enough and pharmaceutical and medical device companies are comfortable with and is cheap", Simon said.

Republicans in Congress talk about eliminating mandates, including those requiring people to buy insurance and those that affect manufacturers, providers and health insurance companies.

Obamacare has helped millions nationwide, which made many Americans worry they may lose their healthcare coverage due to the removal their help from Obamacare.

For these and other reasons, the Republicans' replacement plan can not leave it to private insurance companies to decide who gets coverage and on what terms and conditions.

But the cost of care quickly threatened to drain the $5 billion budgeted for the program. From this bill alone, it's unclear how Republicans plan to address the issues that brought down high-risk pools in the past. Despite this, many healthcare organizations are in favor of a change from Obamacare with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services being one of them.

Garmus urged supporters at the rally to educate people about the importance of the Affordable Care Act, some who think Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act are two different things, she said.

Republican leaders have vowed to repeal the ACA and provide Americans with an alternative.