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Fires extinguished, inmates secured at Tecumseh

05 March 2017
Fires extinguished, inmates secured at Tecumseh

Two inmates were killed and a number of others were injured Thursday during an incident at a Nebraska prison, according to an official.

The two dead inmates were found inside the housing unit.

Damon Fitzgerald and Michael Galindo, of Scottsbluff, were killed. Galindo was serving 12 to 21 years on robbery and other charges. The incident was isolated to half of the housing unit and a small fenced-in yard, spokeswoman Dawn-Renee Smith said.

Frakes: "One of the advantages of what occurred yesterday was we were able to do a much better job of crime scene preservation and that is going to contribute significantly to the ability to resolve the case". Prison officials have insisted that it wasn't a "riot" and they stressed that the public outside the prison was never in danger.

(Tecumseh) - All inmates involved in a disturbance at the Tecumseh State Correctional Institution have been secured.

The cause of the disturbance is still under investigation, while the murders will be investigated by the Nebraska State Patrol, the World-Herald reported citing Frakes, Governor Pete Ricketts, and Warden Brad Hansen. "This incident is a reminder that this is a unsafe business and we must remain vigilant as we keep people safe".

He said training and procedures put in place since the 2015 riot resulted in swift containment of the March 2 incident. All of the inmates are in the general population of the prison, but are being held in the highest security.

Frakes said there was minimal damage to the housing unit and it was repopulated on Friday.

Shortly before 6:30 p.m., about 30 armed troopers and prison officers, clad in black, began moving in on the mini-yard where the fires had been burning.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Nebraska said the incident illustrates the lingering problems in the state prison system. "The investigation is particularly hard because it involves pervasive tampering with and destruction of evidence".

"For years, Nebraska corrections officials and policy makers have been aware of the inhumane conditions under which thousands of inmates have been living", she said.