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Aaron Rodgers was 'a little surprised' by Tony Romo's retirement

19 April 2017
Aaron Rodgers was 'a little surprised' by Tony Romo's retirement

Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo impressed fans Tuesday at the American Airlines Center by showing off his basketball skills during the Dallas Mavericks' pregame warmups.

Back in 2015, Rodgers offered up admiration for Romo's game before their playoff showdown.

Mavericks' star forward Dirk Nowitzki addressed the crowd and introduced Romo, who, embarrassed, exclaimed his love for the city before taking his seat on the bench for tip-off. "And that's not really what this is about." said Mavericks head coach Rick Carlisle.

Silver told Cuban the contract would not be honored, which killed the idea but did not stop the Mavericks from honoring the former Dallas Cowboys quarterback.

"I told him [Silver] what I was going to do and said, 'Fine me if you don't like it, '" Cuban said.

"I feel like I left something out there that I always wanted to accomplish", said Romo, a four-time Pro Bowler who is the Cowboys' all-time leader with 34,183 passing yards and 248 touchdowns, but never managed to take the team to a Super Bowl crown.

"Wouldn't it be special to see one of your favorite athletes running up and down on the basketball court who played football?" Dirk was a spectator from then on, mostly giggling at the Romo antics along with the rest of the team bench.

The Mavericks wanted to honor Romo's 14 years of service to the Cowboys and his support of the Mavs over the years.

While some scoffed that Romo was only bound to injure himself again, or that he must have gone through the Make-a-Wish Foundation to make this happen, others were so legitimately excited to see Romo suit up for the Mavs that they did a little online roster editing.

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo smiles during a photo shoot before NFC practice for Saturday's Pro Bowl football game, at the Ihilani Resort in Kapolei, Hawaii, Thursday, Feb. 8, 2007.

Romo was no slouch at basketball in high school.

"This is an honor that I could never dream of", Romo said.

A long line of media members followed Romo off the court, then filled the room where Carlisle does his game-day interviews. "It's a little embarrassing, but I tell you what I'm very lucky". "I'm pretty sure if I did I'd feel really sore tomorrow".

And if Tony Romo fans want one more reason to believe that he may be back for one last hurrah, NBC Sports is reporting that Romo still hasn't officially signed his retirement papers.

It's cool that Romo is receiving somewhat of a farewell from Dallas sports fans.

"I tried to get Peyton (Manning) on the flight with us yesterday", Malone mused. Romo was retrieved by Cuban, to the boos of the crowd.