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Elimination Night on 'SNL': Jared Kushner vs. Steve Bannon

17 April 2017
Elimination Night on 'SNL': Jared Kushner vs. Steve Bannon

Trump, played yet again by Alec Baldwin opens the sketch trying to talk to Pence, played quite perfectly by Beck Bennett.

In order to find out which one of his trusted advisers would earn the right to sit behind the big desk and act as the president, Baldwin's Trump held an elimination round in the style of his old reality show "The Apprentice".

Pence replies, "Sir, I love when you joke so casually about North Korea".

Then Pence informs him that his top advisers have been at each other's throats, and he must do something about it. The outfit is a nod to a viral photo of Kushner wearing a similar outfit during a trip to a military base in Iraq.

One of the two must lose, to "join Kellyanne Conway in the basement", he says. "But one of you has to go".

Alec Baldwin returned to Saturday Night Live this weekend to portray Donald Trump just as it came time for the USA president to make a tough decision. "Who gets to stay?"

"Jared you're such an inspiration", Baldwin says. The Bannon character was dressed as the Grim Reaper, complete with skeletal mask.

After losing, Bannon, played by his usual Grim Reaper, was then sent to hell while "Kushner" took over the president's desk as "Trump" sat at a much smaller desk to the side. "Now, just...fix everything". You will get to keep advising me.

For its first live show coast-to-coast, "Saturday Night Live" brought out Jimmy Fallon as Jared Kushner and Melissa McCarthy's Sean Spicer as the Easter Bunny. The real Spicer also called concentration camps, "Holocaust centers".

Spicer's remark, which came on the first day of the Jewish holiday Passover, immediately generated outrage on social media and drew harsh criticism from officials on both sides of the aisle.

Jared Kushner in the Roosevelt Room of the White House, Feb. 7, 2017.

"Jared, you take the most attractive photos", Baldwin said, while Fallon feigned embarrassment and looked down before smiling at the audience.

There was also a dig at the president's weekend trips to his Palm Beach, Florida, estate - Mar-a-Lago - where Trump is known to spend a lot of time.