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Israel troops shoot, kill Palestinian in car-ramming attack

20 April 2017

A Palestinian man was shot dead by Israeli forces on Wednesday after allegedly trying to ram his auto into a group of Israelis in the occupied West Bank, according to the Palestinian Health Ministry.

One person has been injured in a vehicle ramming attack in Israel.

The incident occurred at the Gush Etzion Junction, a busy intersection south of Jerusalem that has been the site of multiple attacks over the past year and a half. The pedestrian suffered light to moderate injuries. The Palestinians say it is the result of 50 years of Israeli occupation of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, home to more than five million Palestinians.

According to AFP figures, some 250 Palestinians, a Jordanian and a Sudanese migrant have also been killed, majority in the course of carrying out attacks, Israel says, and numerous others in clashes with troops in the West Bank and at the Gaza border, as well as in Israeli airstrikes in the Gaza Strip in response to rocket attacks.

A wave of street attacks by Palestinians in Israel, Jerusalem and the Israeli-occupied West Bank since October 2015 has killed 37 Israelis, two American tourists and a British student. The rest died in clashes.

Israel accuses the Palestinian National Authority of "inciting" the unrest.