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The Walking Dead promotes 3 characters to series regulars for season 8

20 April 2017
The Walking Dead promotes 3 characters to series regulars for season 8

However, it seems like we won't be seeing Negan's defeat in "The Walking Dead" Season 8.

Keeping the show fresh, they've now chose to bring three already established characters to the forefront, with the actors who are playing each of them inking new deals that will see them become series regulars in season 8 and beyond.

The season 7 finale of AMC's The Walking Dead did give us a showdown (or sorts) between Rick and his allies and Negan's band of Saviors, but it really didn't bring us the "All-Out War" promised by both an early synopsis and Robert Kirkman's source material. Ogg plays Simon, Negan's mustachioed right hand man; Nacon portrays Enid, Carl's girlfriend in Alexandria; and McIntosh is Jadis, the leader of the garbage dump people with the odd haircut.

The Walking Dead will return for its eighth season this fall on AMC! .

Enid - the teenage love interest of Carl (Chandler Riggs) - has appeared on the show since season five. The art, which features Nick Clark (Frank Dillane) and the tagline "Fear What You Become", represents the idea that the person you become in the new world is more brutal, savage and heartless; and capable of things that were unimaginable before the dead began to walk. And with Maggie's baby on the way and courageous Sasha in the ground, Enid looks like a good bet for big sister/junior-leader-in-training material, rather than just Carl's crush, Judith's sometime nanny and Hilltop's healthy-meal maker. Despite an uncertain role in the show's future episodes, viewers are aware that her character was not too friendly with Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and the group after she made a decision to turn her back and trick them by selling them out to Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan).

The EP added that Sasha's death will serve as a "momentum" that will set up what awaits the characters we will be seeing in "The Walking Dead" Season 8.

Season eight will see Rick and his allies - the Hill Top and The Kingdom - engage in a bitter war with Negan. It isn't just their little corner.