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Tillerson to press Russian Federation on Syrian chemical weapons

20 April 2017

"We've seen the evidence on Assad, we know exactly what happened", Haley claimed. "And I think he's making a huge mistake".

The statement says King Salman bin Abd al-Aziz al-Saud agreed it "was a necessary response" to the chemical weapons attack by Bashar Assad's government, which killed dozens of civilians in rebel-led northern Idlib.

McCain, who hasn't been the biggest supporter of the billionaire, said he was pleased with Trump's decision to listen to his administration's advice on the foreign situation.

The apparent U-turn in the Trump administration's Syria policy, according to Haley, was a direct result of the latest development in the county.

US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley. "And I think he's making a serious mistake because if you are an adversary of the United States and you don't worry about what Trump may do on any given day, then you're insane".

Tillerson says the Islamic State group is a threat not just to the USA but to stability in the region.

Graham also argued Sunday that the United States is "relying too much" on the Kurds in that region to defeat ISIS and that additional US troops would attract more regional fighters in that effort.

As the Arab League on Saturday warned against a "dangerous escalation" in Syria, influential Iraqi cleric Moqtada Sadr called on Assad to step down and on Washington and Moscow to stop intervening in the conflict. Graham said the Syrian leader intentionally did so to send a signal back to the USA commander in chief.

At least 86 people died in Tuesday's attack on the northwestern town of Khan Sheikhoun, which left hundreds choking, fidgeting or foaming at the mouth.

"I would consider it fair for President Bashar al-Assad to resign and leave power, allowing the dear people of Syria to avoid the scourge of war and terrorist oppression", he said.

The new developments come after the USA launched 59 Tomahawk missiles from its warships positioned in the eastern Mediterranean.

"US aggression against Shayrat (airbase) strengthens regional extremism and terror, and global lawlessness and instability, and must be condemned", Rouhani said.

But he said the USA expected Russian Federation to take a tougher stance by rethinking its alliance with Assad because "every time one of these horrific attacks occurs, it draws Russian Federation closer into some level of responsibility".