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Xbox Insider Program Reveals Self-Service Refunds

14 April 2017

Those who already have the Skype app installed on their Xbox One will automatically get the new app. A whole lot of gamers who are used to buying Windows 10 and Xbox One games online can now breath a sigh of relief. Sony now allows users in the UK to request refunds to their PSN wallets within a 14 day period, though as noted by the PlayStation UK help site, the company will not refund any content that has been downloaded or streamed.

Self-Service Refunds Now In Preview Alphaem> You've spoken; we've listened.

You must actually download and launch the game or app before you can request a refund.

It looks like Microsoft is following in Steam's footsteps and is putting together an automated refund system for the Windows 10 and Xbox stores.

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Microsoft's policy differs from Valve's in that Valve does allow refunds on DLC.

You can see the nuances of Microsoft's new digital game self-service refund policy below.

I have to tell you, after my prediction a year ago that we needed a digital marketplace with all of the online purchases we make these days, this self-service refund process actually addresses my biggest concerns.

Yes, despite the announcement popping up on an Xbox One console it specifically mentions the policy covers Windows 10 user purchases from the Microsoft Store too.

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The self-service refund program has been created to "provide a quick, simple way of returning a digital product", according to Microsoft. Some games have technical issues at launch, for example, or fail to work on certain systems even if that PC meets the game's technical requirements.

Microsoft are reserving the right to withdraw the refund feature for anybody found to be abusing it. Secondly, in the case of video games, it is necessary that the user has less than two hours of play-time for the request to go through. Those terms seem pretty fair to me, and might make me feel a little bit better about going digital.

The refund program is being pushed out to Windows Insiders first in order to double check everything is working as it should.

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