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Boston Celtics vs. Washington Wizards - 5/15/17 NBA Pick, Odds, and Prediction

15 May 2017
Boston Celtics vs. Washington Wizards - 5/15/17 NBA Pick, Odds, and Prediction

All conference finals games will tip at 8:30 p.m. and will air on the TNT network. Wall's arms waved wildly at the frenzied crowd in front of him, then he tugged hard on his jersey before leaping down to join the mob of teammates waiting for him.

It may not have mattered - and the Celtics probably don't want to hear it - but Boston should have had another second to get a potential series-winning shot off in Game 6 against the Wizards on Friday night, the National Basketball Association acknowledged in its Last Two Minute Report (via the Boston Globe). Cleveland won the regular season series between the two teams, 3-1.

While Wall is correct that Monday's game will be a winner-take-all event, the Celtics as a franchise have a habit of making Game Sevens far from a 50-50 proposition.

But when Wall upped his final seconds shooting stats, it shined a larger light on one area where Washington's point guard has clearly improved in the last few years, particularly in the playoffs. "Never quitting. A lot of people doubted us in this series after going down 2-0". All he said was, "Game 7 on Monday."

Usually a game can't come down to a blown call at the end.

"But Game 7 in Boston, we wouldn't want it no other way, I mean, other than winning tonight". He recovered from a brutal first half in which he missed eight of his nine field-goal attempts, finishing Game 6 with 26 points and eight assists.

Boston blew an 87-82 lead in the final two minutes, but the Celtics had a chance to win until Isaiah Thomas clanked a shot at the buzzer.

One second at first feels meaningless, but had the Celtics been given 2.7 seconds to run a play instead of 1.7, they may have had time to get a better look. I was more focused on what's next because I didn't think it was going to get overturned, necessarily.

An extra second is all the time in the world for a guy like Thomas, who came dangerously close to make that contested, fading triple. "It was a tough shot, they had a couple guys on me, but that was the only shot we could have got there". At first, the Wizards immediately made a foul, and after that Isaiah Thomas tried behind the three-point line, but the ball bounced off the rim. Beal notched 27 points in Game 1, a game-high 29 points in Game 4, and then a game-best 33 points during Friday's Game 6 equalizer. "But I think, having said all that, all that work he put in going back five years came through last night. he made that shot, I'm sure, when he was exhausted".

While Thomas is anxious for the opportunity, one thing he says he won't be is nervous. They hadn't really been doing that all game. This followed a scuffle at the Garden earlier in the month that was triggered by Jae Crowder poking a finger at Wall's nose. His 3-point shooting was not there tonight, but the one 3-pointer he did make was the clutch triple described above.