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Main » Duhamel shows off his 'party pants' for Cinco de Mayo

Duhamel shows off his 'party pants' for Cinco de Mayo

06 May 2017
Duhamel shows off his 'party pants' for Cinco de Mayo

Drinks will be served in a special Cinco de Mayo cup that they can take home with them. Nexus will play music throughout the event, as well. In observance of the holiday, IBTimes rounded up a number of quotes and phrases to celebrate May 5 - and poke fun at the obscurity of the holiday's meaning among American drinkers.

If you're thinking May 5 is Mexican Independence Day, you couldn't be further from the truth.

At this point, it's most known for being the holiday most likely to be celebrated by Dave, an anglo saxon man who has an Instagram hashtagged #buildthewall and also one hashtagged #cincodedrinko. A live mariachi band will also be playing from 6-10 p.m. The ad campaign piggy-backed off a feeling that Mexican-Americans had long expressed-that Cinco de Mayo was important to their idea of America and being part of the Union.

Latino activists and scholars say that ambivalence is bolstered by the hazy history of Cinco de Mayo and by stereotypes exploited by marketers.

Between 2 and 3 people an hour are stopped for drunken driving on days the holiday is celebrated and those numbers go up when if falls on a weekend, like St. Paul's big shindig does this year, the Department of Public Safety said. There will be military parades and reenactments of the battle in various areas of the country, but Cinco de Mayo hasn't warranted the same type of elaborate celebrations in Mexico as it has in the United States.

Not everyone feels like Cinco de Mayo is an opportunity to build community. On Cinco de Mayo, non-Mexican Americans pick and choose portions of Mexican culture to enjoy. In the USA, it's a celebration of the Mexican-American culture and is marked by revelry.

"It's not Drinko de Mayo ..." It is far more popular in the United States, where it has become an excuse to drink Coronas and eat carnitas, than it is in Mexico, where it is just another day on the calendar for most.

Davio's, 447 Lexington Ave., is throwing its first-ever Cinco de Mayo Rooftop Fiesta on its 27th floor terrace.

Some other places may not celebrate at all.

But Cinco de Mayo, which translates to May 5, is probably one of the most misunderstood Mexican holidays. The win was a big deal for Mexican nationalism.