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First lady: Barron to attend private Episcopal school in MD

16 May 2017
First lady: Barron to attend private Episcopal school in MD

Melania Trump is expected to make the move from NY to Washington with Barron at the conclusion of the school year.

"We are very excited for our son to attend St. Andrew's Episcopal School", her statement said. She said the school's mission "to know and inspire each child in an inclusive community dedicated to exceptional teaching, learning and service" appealed to the family.

Barron Trump will be a sixth-grader in St. Andrew's middle school in the fall.

Barron Trump's classmates plan to visit him in D.C.

The news about Barron Trump's new school follows word that his older sister, Tiffany, will be attending Georgetown Law this fall.

While it was still not immediately clear when the president's wife and youngest son would relocate to Washington, the school year at St Andrew's starts September 5. The school is known for its small class sizes and for using brain-based research in helping its students succeed.

So is it a good or a bad thing to be the school that the president's child attends? And tuition at St. Andrew's runs from $23,490 for prekindergarten to $40,650 for high school.

As Melania mentioned in her statement, the school also says it values diversity, noting on its website, "We value and respect all differences, including but not limited to age, ability, ethnicity, family structure, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, and socio-economic status". In 2011, the school instituted an innovative research center called the Center for Transformative Teaching & Learning, or CTTL.

St. Andrew's is located in the wealthy enclave of Potomac, about 17 miles northwest of the White House and a 30-minute drive in light traffic. President Jimmy Carter is the only president in recent history to send a child to public school. Sasha Obama, 15, is a sophomore at Sidwell Friends. Malia graduated from there last year and is taking a gap year before heading to Harvard.

Barron has not been seen much in Washington since the inauguration, although he attended the White House Easter Egg Roll in April.

President Gerald Ford's daughter, Susan, went to Holton-Arms School in Bethesda.

President Richard Nixon's daughters, Tricia and Julie, both attended Sidwell (and after the White House, the Chapin School in New York).