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In Our View: Fund Mental Health Care

10 May 2017
In Our View: Fund Mental Health Care

Mr Burns heard from Port Lincoln and Eyre Peninsula residents to hear about what was needed for mental health services to help create a Mental Health Strategic Plan for the state. In these places, there is recognition that appointments need to be made quickly; that parents, who may suffer from mental health issues themselves, need to be involved; that schools need to be kept in the loop as diagnosis and treatment progress; and that a single key professional works with the child and observes him or her in all settings.

A recent study quizzing 2,000 Britons on the state of their mental well-being revealed that when it comes to boosting mental health, it's our friends and family that are most likely to help us out. A steering committee was formed and a contract was sought with the Ohio Division of Mental Hygiene (now known as the Ohio Department of Mental Health & Addiction Services). "Very few employers are asking, "how do I avoid damaging my employees" mental health because of workplace stress?' and they absolutely should be".

Today, the Scioto Paint Valley Mental Health Center (SPVMHC) is a vibrant, full-service health care provider employing almost 200 highly trained credentialed staff members who utilize evidence based best practices in clinics in five counties: Highland, Ross, Fayette, Pickaway and Pike. Together, these efforts address the huge societal and business costs of mental health conditions, which are projected to drain $16 trillion in economic output by 2030.

"Half of mental health problems in adulthood begin before the age of 14, so investment in solutions for children and young people now and broader mental health education is crucial". There are effective treatments and supports for all mental illnesses.

In a report released this week, it said that just 13 per cent of people report living in good mental health, with younger people suffering more because of issues ranging from job insecurities, low incomes and living alone.

It's so easy to dip into post-partum depression without realizing, and before we know it we're in and don't have a way of getting out. And we don't need a special month to remind us of that.

"The word "mental" in "mental health" should not make people see that as weakness or look for the nearest straight jacket".

This is a service that schools value highly when it works well, as it does in some parts of the country. The event will convene Fortune 100 executives, leading academic experts in mental health, and representatives from national and global health organizations. When we learn the facts we can help others to dispel false ideas about mental health conditions.