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Indian Govt. releases draft rules for no-fly list

06 May 2017
Indian Govt. releases draft rules for no-fly list

Making the announcement, Civil aviation secretary RN Choubey said, 'We propose to bring out a national no-fly list. The punishment for unruly behaviour will be three months for the first level, six months for the second, and two years or more for the third level. The airline can impose an immediate ban on passengers for unruly behaviour. The language is very vague. Since last July, there have been 53 incidents of unruly behavior of passengers reported by airlines to the Indian civil aviation ministry. The airlines had withdrawn the two weeks ban, following a directive from the government.

"It appears that the ban duration would be left to the discretion of airlines".

In case a passenger's name has been added to a no-fly list, he/she will not be able to book a plane ticket.

He also suggested that the government should specify the compensation a passenger should get if allegations against him are proved wrong. Dubey mooted installation of CCTV cameras in all flights for recording evidence. "The government is looking into what punishment needs to be given to passengers, but what services should the staff give must also be looked into", Gaikwad told news agency ANI.

Budget carrier Indigo said they will "examine this further to understand the larger implications".

Global aviation body International Air Transport Association (IATA) had earlier said "unruly passengers" are one of the top three safety issues that concern cabin crew.

The rule being amended to pave way for India's first no-fly list (NFL) itself was enacted in 2014 after an instance of unruly passenger behaviour on an Air India Express flight.

The classification code for the flight ban has been incorporated in a draft policy guideline that has been placed in the public domain for comments for a month. Three levels of unruly behaviours have been defined - disruptive behaviour, physically abusive behaviour and life threatening behaviour.

If a flyer commits a crime that comes under Level-1, he or she will be grounded for a period of three months.

Mr Gaikwad was forced to take trains to attend sessions at the national Parliament, until the ban was overturned last month.