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Main » Melissa McCarthy adds spice (and Spicer) as host of 'SNL'

Melissa McCarthy adds spice (and Spicer) as host of 'SNL'

17 May 2017
Melissa McCarthy adds spice (and Spicer) as host of 'SNL'

MELISSA MCCARTHY HOSTED Saturday Night Live last night and once again reprised her impression of beleaguered White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer.

We have to say, we hope IRL Spicer's job really is safe-anything else would mean less McCarthy on our televisions, and that would be a travesty.

"Were you surprised that he fired Comey before he fired you?" one asks.

The sketch begins with a White House press briefing delivered by Spicer's deputy Sarah Huckabee Sanders, played by Aidy Bryant. But quickly Spicer jumped from the bushes just outside the press room to reclaim his spot, pushing Sanders aside.

Melissa McCarthy and Alec Baldwin have returned to Saturday Night Live, and it might be our favourite sketch yet. The "SNL" audience roared.

When pressed, Spicey insisted that Trump wouldn't fire him because they were friends. McCarthy's "Spicey" could be seen peering in from outside the White House looking confused and distraught.

After a few trademark violent "Spicy" outbursts, the press secretary took up the defense of President Donald Trump against accusations that he fired FBI Director James Comey in an effort to obstruct the investigation into Trump's ties to Russian Federation.

That wasn't the only sketch for Baldwin's Trump.

Spicer then emerges during the conference, hoses down a reporter with a fire extinguisher, and pushes Sanders out of the way to take his podium back. As the pair edged toward a kiss, Spicer blurted "I took vows", in a futile act of final resistance.

Does this spell the end for Spicey? There's a fear that comedy will minimize the grave risks Trump poses to America - at least as seen by those who oppose him.

McCarthy first appeared as Spicer back in February.

Melissa McCarthy's Sean Spicer roams Manhattan in search of answers. "And then I get off, and I have all of these texts, like 'Oh, my God, are you looking at what's happening?"

The Washington Post reported earlier this week that Sean Spicer huddled with staff "near a clump of bushes and then behind a tall hedge" following James Comey's firing.

"Yes", Baldwin-as-Trump replied before the two shared an epic lip-lock.

As for Spicer the man, Kadonaga says he has her heartfelt sympathy after being cast in the arduous, and usually thankless role, of trying to put the best public face on the often erratic pronouncements of President Donald Trump.

"Kiss me", Baldwin's Trump said, embracing "Spicey". Trump said. Asked about how that would look, Trump said, "Think I care about optics?"