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Microsoft renovates Windows 10 at Build 2017

14 May 2017

Microsoft will be launching their Windows 10 Creators Update in September, and the company has just unveiled one of the apps that'll come with it. That's all part of its next Windows 10 Fall Creators Update which will push out to 500 million Windows 10 devices later this year.

Satya Nadella, chief executive officer of Microsoft, speaks during a Microsoft launch event to introduce the new Microsoft Surface laptop and Windows 10 S operating system May 2 in New York City. We'll keep you updated on what else Microsoft has to offer in the coming days with the Build conference. An example of one of these improvements is "Story Remix" which takes the place of the Albums feature in the current version of Windows 10. There will also be a new clipboard feature that will allow users to copy and paste certain elements across different devices through a universal clipboard. The company needs apps for this to work, which is why it's announced Acer and HP-made Windows Mixed Reality Headset Developer Edition units priced at $299 and $329, respectively. Specifically, they have released the official name Redstone 3, the next major update or release that will arrive in the fall. The feature allows users to easily get into files, apps and websites as if they never left. Underpinning some of the above end user apps are two new features for developers, the Microsoft Graph and Microsoft Fluent Design System.

Microsoft Fluent Design System is the next step in the evolution of the company's design approach that will deliver "intuitive, harmonious, responsive and inclusive cross-device experiences and interactions". The Fall Creators Update packs with the lots of new features and enhancements over the last public version which is Creators Update. In support of this vision for more intelligence - from the cloud to the edge, Microsoft announced a preview of Azure IoT Edge, technology that extends the intelligence of cloud computing to edge devices; extensions to the Microsoft Graph to combine insights from the world of work with device insights and contextual awareness of the physical world, as well as technology that will allow end-users to search the real world in the same way they search the digital world.

Switching between apps in Windows 10 has always been easy thanks to Task View, but now there will be a timeline aspect to it as well - so you can effectively get back to where you were, even if it was on another Windows 10 PC.

Microsoft's also looking to make headway into the retail space with its first-ever Windows Mixed Reality motion controllers.

Here is some good news for the few people who love iTunes and the masses who are stuck using it because they've already invested in large video and music libraries. Microsoft also recently joined the Linux Foundation, with an eye of working with developers to help improve its tools.