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Snapchats no longer have to disappear after 10 seconds

10 May 2017
Snapchats no longer have to disappear after 10 seconds

The same feature also applies to photos.

The update reorganized the toolbar in the app. That grew almost 10 times last year, and analysts expect year-over-year revenue growth of around four times again in the first quarter this year to reach $158.1 million.

Setting a Snap to appear infinitely works the same way as setting a snap to appear for anywhere from 1 second to 10 seconds.

Snapchat floated on the United States stock market for the first time earlier this year, having been valued at more than £17 billion ahead of its initial public offering (IPO) in March.

Until now, it has been more common for Facebook and Instagram to update its services with features copied from Snapchat, but it seems Snapchat has returned the favor with the new Loop tool that is similar to Instagram's Boomerang feature.


Within the timer icon, it is now possible to select an "infinity icon" to make it possible for the image to stay on screen. Once the recipient opens it, it will remain available until clicking out.

During the process of placing objects, Snapchat says it is tracking the main surface of the photo - usually, this will be the ground. Just last month, the app revealed World Lenses - a product that expanded its augmented reality capabilities beyond selfies and placed an emphasis on the rear view camera. There's also a new loop tool for videos so you can decide if a Snap plays once or loops until the viewer taps to the next Snap.

Although Snapchat used to let you replay snaps after viewing, a looping video option under the timer repeats the snap ad nauseam on the recipient's end.

Snapchat also notes a new Magic Eraser tool, effectively letting users blur an area they don't want others to see.

Now, if you film the clips via the Snapchat app, save them as Memories, and then upload them to your story, the border vanishes and the small header reads, "from Memories". To use this tool, swipe over the area on your Snap you want to "erase". With Facebook rapidly rolling out more Snapchat like features across its various platforms, investors should keep a close eye on DAU growth and Snap Inc. management's commentary as to what steps they intend to take to counter this very "real" and immediate threat.