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Australian man escapes Kerobokan: Bali police

20 June 2017
Australian man escapes Kerobokan: Bali police

An Indian is among four foreign prisoners who have escaped from a jail in Indonesia's Bali island, police said on Monday. Head of Kerobokan prison Tony Nainggolan said the inmates might have taken a week to build it.

Tonny said prison authorities believed the escape had been planned for some time.

"We have spread the photos of those foreign inmates that have escaped and we are chasing them now", he said.

Nainggolan believes they spent more than a week building the tunnel.

Bali Provincial Police Deputy Director for Special Crime, Rudi Setyawan said it was likely that the streets where they emerged were quiet but he hopes someone may have spotted something.

In May, about 200 prisoners broke out of an overcrowded jail in Sumatra island after being let out of cells for Friday prayers.

"We didn't suspect anything, because if they dug up a new tunnel, where would they hide the dirt from the digging?"

The tunnel had a diameter of 50 x 75 cm (20 x 30 inches) and was found filled with water on Monday morning, Widjaja said.

Shaun Edward Davidson, 31, was serving a 12-month sentence after being convicted in September past year of using a fraudulent passport. He was found in possession of 22g of methamphetamines at the time of his arrest.

Although his sentence was only for one year, he opted to spend an an extra five months in prison rather than pay the 10 million rupiah fine ($A10,000).

Bali corrections chief Surung Pasaribu confirmed Davidson, who had just 2½ months of his one-year jail term left to serve, was among the escapees.

The four were placed in Kerobokan prison's Block B and Sayed was said to be the last to be seen at around 6.30am. As Reuters notes, prison escapes are fairly common in the Southeast Asian country.