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Google Changed Look of its Google News Page An Hour Ago!

29 June 2017
Google Changed Look of its Google News Page An Hour Ago!

This will help Google stay competitive with mobile-first news readers like Apple News and the built-in news delivery mechanisms of social sites like Facebook and Twitter.

The new look, which is now a lot cleaner and less uncluttered, is created to be easier to read and navigate. This design puts more focus on the name of the publisher and the labels of the article.

At the top of the page, you'll see a new navigation bar with sections for Headlines, Local, For You - a tool which personalizes your news feed based on your particular set of interests - and US-related topics. Users can jump quickly to news in sections like Sports or Entertainment, or those created by them and powered by their queries, such as "FIFA World Cup" or "Bollywood".

For You, a personalization feature to the users to select what they're interested in.

The user after siging in can also customise the news sections "Local" and "For You" according to their desired preference. There have always been plenty of other services that looked better than Google's counterpart, but it was their focus on performance that generally made their work come out on top of the competition. Indeed, the team expanded the use of video in Google News, which makes sense, given how many recent stories now center around video.

Adhering to design philosophies it annointed to most if its products, the old school Google revealed its brand new look that has changed after 14 years. It offers genuine news content, which has undergone several reviews. The latest to get a new paint job is the Google News web portal. Google says the airier design is "designed for readability" and will make it easier to scan stories. However, it is currently available only in the U.S. for now. The new block now shows the top fact check articles that have been recently published. You can modify the stories that you would want to see in the "For You" section. Clicking on the card will expand the list of stories beneath the main headline, offering links to related coverage, opinion and a link to full coverage. "We hope the new design enables you to easily access quality journalism, bolstered with meaningful insights and comprehensive coverage", the blog post reads.

The updated interface is now rolling out to all users of Google News.